Does your weight affect which mattress you should buy?

Of course it affects which mattress you should buy, someone who is 250 pounds like myself will never have the same experience on a mattress as someone who has 150 pounds whenever you’re looking at mattress reviews you should find someone who is similar to your weight. This is because the amount of pressure and the way you feel that mattress is all going to rely on the pressure that you give the mattress.
This is especially true for side sleepers. It is tough to find a good mattress for a heavier weight side sleeper. The issue that we have is the shoulder pressure often caused by a mattress not having a large enough comfort layer. Once your mattress sinks down and your shoulder is pressing against that support layer, is when you will feel the pressure. Even the slightest pressure that you feel from the mattress when trying it in store can effect you over night. This is why we always recommend getting a mattress that offers a sleep trial. 

What mattress do we suggest for heavier side sleepers?
First off I believe a luxury firm or medium firm mattress is best for this. You need a strong support base so that the mattress holds up. BUT you also need a good sized comfort layer so that you do not just sink right thru the mattress support layer. If the support layer is not large enough then it will cause shoulder pressure. 
Our top recommendation for heavier side sleepers is the Prosperity mattress by bed boss. Here is a link to that mattress: 
Our most economical choice is the basic bamboo pillow-top mattresses that we carry. Here is a link to that mattress:
Our top recommendation for a hybrid mattress is the MlLY fusion luxe mattress. Here is a link to that mattress:
Are these mattresses available for testing in your showroom?
Yes we nearly always have these mattresses in stock and they are available to test at our Mattress and Furniture showroom in Springdale Arkansas. Our Furniture and Mattress store is located at 4310 S Thompson in Sprindale Arkansas.
These mattresses will also soon be available at our Dallas Fort Worth Showroom.