Loft Beds for kids versus bunk beds


Kids-as part of their adventurous nature-really love loft and bunk beds as they see the climbing and "debunking" of such beds as fun. They especially love doing this with other siblings or friends who visit them at home. With these beds, it is easy to have cousins and friends for a sleepover. These beds also allow siblings to share a room, a situation that fosters stronger bonding among siblings. Room sharing teaches kids how to communicate, allowing older siblings to help younger ones develop faster in learning and socialization.


Differences between a loft bed and a bunk bed

Bunk beds usually have two beds, one bottom bed and another above it. A loft bed is quite similar to a bunk bed but has only one bed situated on top, freeing the floor space for other furniture. Loft beds can be pricier as some come with different furniture pre-built. While loft beds have the advantage of accommodating extra furniture, bunk beds give room for an additional person to sleep. 


Can a bunk bed be used as a loft bed?

Both bunk and loft beds have a similar style, but a bunk bed isn't necessarily a loft bed and requires tweaks to become a loft bed. There are instances where people try to convert their bunk beds into loft beds. If you happen to have a bunk bed but need a loft bed to create more space or because no one uses the bottom bed, you can become innovative and turn the bunk bed into a loft. The difference between a loft and a bunk is the extra bottom bed of the bunk bed, and hence removing it creates a loft bed. To do this, you'd need a pencil, a drill, a piece of board, and 2" wood screws.


First, remove the mattress of the bottom bed and disassemble the bottom bunk. Next, locate the main support beams as some of the beams are meant for the entire bed. After dismantling, you'd need to reassemble the bed parts that form part of the bed's main support beams. These are the horizontal beams that make the bed sturdy. Most bunk beds have an extra support beam at the base of the bed, which is not attached to the bottom of the mattress support piece. However, you may need to add additional support to the bed frame if need be. Now the bottom mattress and bed frame are gone. All that should be left are the vertical posts and horizontal support beams. You can now redecorate your loft bed. 


Is a loft bed a good idea? 

Loft beds are an excellent idea if you are looking for a bed option that saves space for your teens and even young adults. You can manage the room beneath the bed more efficiently to accommodate a study desk, chest of drawers, or even a sofa. The extra built-in features, the effective use of vertical space, and a loft bed's storage space make it a great idea. However, loft beds may take a little time and care to set up.


Are loft beds dangerous?

There are safety concerns regarding the usage of loft beds. However, there are clear rules on how to avoid such accidents.

  • First, children below six years should not use loft beds or the upper bunk beds.
  • Always attach guardrails on both sides of upper beds.
  • It is not advisable for more than one person to use a loft bed or an upper bunk bed.
  • Only mattresses of appropriate size and thickness must be used.
  • Prohibit kids from jumping on the beds and advise them always to use the ladder when climbing or descending the loft bed or upper bunks.
  • Follow all user specification instructions and do not remove any warning signals on the bed.
  • Periodically run checks to see if ladders, guardrails, and other components are sturdy and in their proper positions.
  • Some beds indicate a higher maximum weight for the top bunk, but it is advisable for only people who weigh below 17.5lbs to use the loft bed or top bunk. Those below 200lbs use the bottom bed.


These are some steps that ensure user safety. Some are done after purchase, and others should be done pre-purchase. There are regulatory standards bed manufacturers must follow to address the above mentioned and other safety guidelines. The best you can do at your end is to get your beds from shops that offer only quality and safe beds. Like the ones on sale at Furnishings4less, such beds are safe for both kids and adults as they meet regulatory standards and are devoid of entrapment hazards. 


Can adults sleep in loft beds?

It depends on the specifications of the bed. It would be best if you considered the weight and height the bed can accommodate. For instance, a tall adult will not have a good night's sleep on a loft bed that is shorter than him and will have their legs extending out of bed. Weighty people must also check whether the loft beds are strong enough to carry them before sleeping in them. Such persons can look for bunk beds designed for people who weigh 500 pounds. These are usually industrial-strength metal beds.  


Adults who wish to use loft beds need to go for loft beds that come with sturdy ladders and a sturdy base at their bottom. Buying from  will help you get the right and quality bed at an affordable price. Loft beds may be good options for young adults who live alone or for students due to the built-in workstation or desk and how they aid efficient utilization of space.  


When you buy a bunk or a loft bed, you make a single purchase, but you get two beds for a traditional bunk bed or even three or four beds if you go for a triple or quadruple bunk, respectively. This purchase directly translates into saving money but getting the same value you would have gained from multiple purchases.


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