Gray sectional in a living room

What Is A Sectional and Why You Just Might Need One


     An easy guide to picking the right Sectional sofa for your home or office


Nothing compares to coming home after a long day at work to sink into your sectional sofa and relax with a cold drink. Sectional sofas are one of every home's necessities, giving your home a comfortable and welcoming feel. Aside from seating people, the sectional offers style, intimacy, and comfort. They are the most common type of seating composed of multiple independent pieces arranged in different styles or positions, making sectional sofas a more flexible and versatile seating solution than the typical three-seater couch. The separate pieces of furniture come in versatile configurations to suit various room layouts and preferences; you can remove, add, or rearrange different sections of it to suit your taste. Sectional sofas became in vogue in the middle of the 20th century, and to date, they still adorn our homes and dens. 


Undoubtedly sectionals make for a perfect living room; however, you should consider a few things like space, sectional size, preference, and budget before making a choice.



When To Use A Sectional

Deciding between a Sectional sofa and a traditional sofa can sometimes be overwhelming for homeowners and interior designers. While the use of any given furniture is purely based on preference, it's good to consider the type or style of furniture, be it traditional or contemporary; your choice of sofa should be considered. Thankfully there're numerous varieties of style, color, and type of sectional to choose from. Another factor is the layout or interior design of your space. Sectionals work well in large rooms, but it shouldn't be your only reason to get one. 


Despite sectionals being synonymous with its functionality in larger rooms, that's not always the case. Homeowners and interior designers can work to maximize space and seating options, particularly in smaller spaces, when done right. With the right size, you can get sectionals to fit apartments and condos. You can choose from sectional types like chaise, love seats, L - shape, U – shape, recliners, and many more. So having options becomes an excellent reason to use a sectional. Apart from choice, another reason to use a sectional is style and elegance. Nothing brings your living room or den to life like a sectional. If you want to entertain guests and host movie nights, then a sectional is a great choice. A sectional feels right for a family room to hold conversations in an intimate atmosphere. 


So why a sectional? Easy, we opt for sectionals because it's trendy, graceful, provides enough seating space, perfect for lounging with additional features for sleeping, e.g., sofa bed. Additionally, sectionals are much more refined and plush, from streamlined, hand-made, to slip-on covers. 


The only limit to the arrangement of a sectional is your imagination. The right configuration creates an atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying other's company. You can arrange your sectional not only for functional purposes but to add an alluring and cozy feel to your room. Before we head to the different sectional arrangements for your room, here are a few things to note. 


Know the size of your room

Experts at Furnishings4Less usually advise customers to buy sectionals that fit their homes. Therefore it's advisable to know the measurement of your room before making a purchase. You wouldn't want to buy a sectional, get home, and realize that it doesn't fit. That would be quite disappointing and a massive waste of time and resources. If you have a small room size, you might want to stay clear of overstuffed or bulky furniture. 


Think about the material used for the covering

When shopping for a sectional sofa, you need to consider upholstery that can be easily wiped to clean up spills, especially if you've got kids or pets. You can shop online at Furnishings4Less or drop by 4310 S. Thompson Street, Springdale, Arkansas, to have a look at the best options for you at an affordable price. 


Know and choose your focal point: Because your sectional is the largest piece of furniture in your space, it's essential to know your room's focal point and arrange the sectional to face it. The usual focal points in most living rooms include the TV, fireplace, and window. If your focal point is the TV, we recommend placing your sectional about 12 feet from it. This allows for comfortable viewing irrespective of your position on the sectional. 


Enable a comfortable flow: Sectionals come in various shapes and designs, with some known to have an awkward look. Desist from merely putting your sectional against the wall and instead place it in the center of the room. It's best to leave enough space around the sectional to allow for easy movement. Steer clear from doorways and walkways, and make sure you don't have furniture blocking them. 


Divide and conquer: A great feature of sectional is its ability to be separated. You can arrange sectional pieces in order, pairs, or groups to help manage space. Don't leave empty spaces around the sectional; accessorize with décor items like side tables to add to the charm. 


Aim for comfort and accessibility: Furniture arrangement in your living room must allow for convenience and comfort. Seating must be accessible with enough space for movement. The aim is to have a perfect, elegant, and spacious family room. 


How Do You Arrange A Living Room With A Sectional? 

There a thousand and one ways to arrange a sectional in your living room, with a focal point, floor size, and preference in mind. It's also essential to consider your room's size and the sectional functionality, whether it has a daily or occasional use. Irrespective of the choice of individual pieces, space, functionality, and design options provided by a sectional, the right furniture set up is critical. So, let's take a look at some of our favorite sectional arrangement options. 


L – Shape:  This sectional arrangement is adapted based on the shape of the sectional. A one-sided sectional with one side longer than the other, or both having an equal length. The L – shaped sectional is great for larger rooms with lots of wall space. This layout can fit into corners or float in the middle of the room. The L – shape is the most versatile form of sectional placement, and it's suitable for casual home settings. Its shape allows everyone to see each other, so it's the best arrangement if you want a cozy or homey environment. The sectionals that form this shape come with corner wedges, usually armless, placed at a corner, 90-degree angle to create an L-Shape. They take up less space than the curved corner wedge of a U-Shaped sectional sofa. This makes the arrangement best for small or narrow rooms because it can fit perfectly in one corner without taking up too much space. You can place decorative pillows at each end and center of your sectional.




U – Shape: Inspired by the Letter U, this sectional is a full curved arrangement with the sectional placed from one end to the other. U – Shape layouts are recommended for large squared or awkwardly shaped rooms; they're an excellent fill for large recreational rooms or den. This layout allows for intimate conversations with a perfect screen view. For a nice combo, you can place a square or round shaped coffee table in front of the main couch. The U-shaped sectional is a family kind of sectional great for entertaining everyone. For a U-shaped sectional layout, you would need a round corner wedge, a corner piece that allows the sectional sofa to fit perfectly in a corner to form the U-Shape.


Chaise Sectional: This is a simplified version of the L-Shaped layout. Chaise Sectionals work perfectly in small spaces where the L – Shaped and U – Shaped can't be accommodated. This arrangement is a sofa with an added chaise lounge or ottoman. When placing a chaise, position the sectional in the center to fill out the room. It can be paired with side tables and lamps to make good use of the sections. 


Semicircular Layout: This layout provides sitting comfort and allows you to fill up the room. Sectional designed to mimic a semicircular shape offers seating for more than four individuals. The curve-like shape allows for intimacy. It's suitable for families and gives you the option to add items like sofa tables or an ottoman. 


The Yin Yang Layout: This layout is arranged opposite directions with a segmented design between two couches. It saves space, allowing for walkways, and suitable for a small family room. The Yin Yang arrangement provides ample space with a simple set design to maintain elegance. 


Linear Layout: This arrangement is horizontal, and it occupies less space. The sectional is typically arranged to face the focal point of the room. It's perfectly suited for small rooms. For a larger room, this layout gives you the pleasure of having more room to display other décor items and plenty of space to increase seating options. For a classy, sophisticated, and airy room, the linear layout gives you just that. 


Circular Sectional Layout

The circular sectional serves as a perfect host to bring together family and friends in this never-ending lounge. It's large and looks great in a large family room. Very affordable compared to other furniture. On the downside, moving this furniture to your home can be challenging but no worries, purchasing at Furnishings4Less affords you less stress. Furnishings4Less offers an unbeatable nationwide delivery service and will haul this sectional to your location.


The Conversational Ring Layout: Space in this layout introduces more chairs spread around for a close-knit and chatty feel. The main aim of this layout is to encourage conversation and unite family and friends. With this arrangement, the TV no longer serves as the primary focus, offering enough room for movement and interaction. 


The View Corner Layout: Arranging a sectional in this format helps convert the family room into a TV room—while defining the area to make your space look like a room within a room. The layout also gives you full access to the screen anywhere on the sectional.


Stationary or Reclining sectional: Stationary or reclining sectional is perfect for large rooms and huge seating capacity. A reclining sectional like the ones on offer at Furnishings4Less has affordable options with support features for the neck, head, and spine. The recliner has an adjustable back and enough legroom for comfort. 



With so many choices for a sectional layout, you can choose the perfect fit to suit your decorative needs. Remember to avoid placing your sectional against the wall. You can throw in a couple of decorative pillows but remember to leave enough space for guests to sit comfortably. 


Where To Find The Best Sectional In Arkansas 

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Furnishings4Less also offers specialized pieces to add a touch of class and comfort to your homes, such as a console armrest that fits perfectly in between your sectional sofa with hidden storage space or a cup holder. You can also select a sleeper sofa as part of your sectional sofa configuration, and these fold-out beds are a lifesaver for when you have unexpected guests. 


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