What Size Rug Do You Put Under A Sectional?


Living room sofa and rugs are vital components of any room décor. They are the foundations around which other room furniture and décor are pulled to give rooms a cozy, welcoming, and homey ambiance. That is why you need to take great care in choosing the right combination of furniture for your living room. 


Let's take a look at a few ways to make your room stand out by choosing a perfect rug size and different ways of placing them. However, note that these are not fixed rules, and you can add your creative touch to get your personalized setup. Just ensure that your rug choice complements the sofa's pattern and texture and other furniture in your room.


How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional 

There are different ways of placing the living room rugs to compliment your sectional sofa and other furniture in your room. Generally, rug placement is done while keeping an eye on the general harmony it creates with other room furniture. 

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Placement styles for your rug. 

Rug placement for sectionals can be tricky sometimes. Don't worry; we're here to help you figure it. Here are different ways you can achieve the optimum rug layout to complement your room size and furniture.


The short end of the sectional matching

Rugs can be lined up with the short-end of a sectional sofa to create a geometric effect. Rectangular rugs are perfect for this arrangement, and it is a great idea to anchor your coffee table in the middle of the carpet to create a nice balance.


Symmetrical placement

You can place a rug symmetrically beneath your sectional to fill the space between the L-shaped sectional sofa. With such an arrangement, you can set your coffee table at the center of the rug for a perfect complement.


Asymmetrical placement

This style is excellent for small rooms with small spaces. Such places usually have a small sectional sofa, and a small area rug would complement it perfectly. To create an illusion of a bigger room, you need to place the short end of the carpet, asymmetrical, so it extends from the long side of the sectional. If your rug happens to be large, anchor it with a side table. Use this style if you want to depict something modern and inventive. 


Diagonal Placement

You can use this placement style to create a link with an adjoining room. Place the rug diagonally, so one short end is directly by the middle portion of the sectional and the other point to the room or space you want to connect to your living room. 


Room-Centered placement

You can fill a large living room by placing a large rug that perfectly fits the room's size at the center. If you already have a smaller rug, you can make do with that. This placement prevents the room from looking empty. It would be best if you left a perfect symmetry of space around the rug. Remember that the sectional complements the overall style in this arrangement, but the rug is not placed under it. 


Round Rugs

Round rugs are used to offset and counterbalance too many rectangular patterns and straight lines in a room or used to break up angles. You can place round rugs in the 'L' of your sectional. The rug must not extend for a portion of it to hide under your sectional else; its shape will be lost, and the beauty of the arrangement will not be seen. 



Rug Placement And Size For Your Living Room Area

Your rug's appropriate placement is informed by the room size, the room's shape, and the sofa's design or footing in the room. For instance, square rugs or shag rugs pair well with square-shaped tables and square rooms.


The bottom of your sofa affects how you should place your rug, so you need to look at how high the bottom of your sofa raises. If there is not much space beneath the couch, then a small-sized area rug is more appropriate. Sofas with raised bases can accommodate rugs beneath and look great with beautiful side chairs sitting entirely on them, giving the room a cozy and conversational feel. 


You can also go for a more in vogue style by placing the front legs of sofas and chairs on your rug; let the rug go under each chair or sofa or a third of the furniture. Rugs must be at least 1 foot high when placed underneath the front legs of a sectional. This style works well for both small and large rooms. 


For larger rooms, you would need a Rectangular rug or a big enough rug to get around your sofa and chairs; an eight by 10 feet rug should suffice in such an instance. If your room is large enough and you want all legs of your chairs, sofas, and tables to be on the rug, leave around 14" from rug to wall- or a maximum 24" for a large space, allowing for some deviation only in the situation where your sofa is against a wall. This arrangement prevents your room from looking like a wall to wall carpet, and the layout simultaneously has an impressive effect on pieces of furniture, making them stand out. Huge rooms can allow for a combination of rugs in the living area if a rug looks too small for it.


What Rug Size Do You Put Under A Sectional?

We now know a rug can be placed symmetrically, asymmetrically, diagonally, but what size of the rug must be placed under your sectional? There are no specific rules for choosing the perfect rug size, but you need to consider the room size and space to make an informed decision. 


An excellent way to estimate the rug size you need is to use painters tape to mark out the shape and position you would love your rug to be. This will give you a visual impression of the perfect size to go for. When you decide on the final size and shape, use a standard rug measure to estimate the size. Generally, eight by 10 and 9 by 12-foot rugs are standard and fit for most spaces and settings. Five by 8 and 6 by 9-foot rugs are also quite popular.  


A rug must be at least 6" and ideally 8" wider than your sofa on both sides, and you should give a minimum of 18"- 24" and ideally 30"-36" of walking distance between large furniture pieces when making your choice. 


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