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Have you been searching for the best rug store in and around Northwest Arkansas, Rogers, Springdale, or Fayetteville? Are you wondering where to get quality rugs for your home, school, hotel, office, place of worship, or your interior décor business? If your answer is yes, look no further. Furnishings 4 Less is the place to be. We are your one-stop-shop for quality furniture and rugs.

We have in stock the highest quality area rugs, runners, round rugs, and square rugs. Our rugs have styles that include traditional, super-contemporary, playful, and sophisticated, to mention a few. With over 1000 rugs in stock each point in time, you will have a wide array of quality rugs to choose from to fit your unique lifestyle needs.


 If you are an interior designer, looking for a reputable store to shop high-quality rugs at lower prices from, your search just ended. We have been the store of choice for interior designers over the years because we offer them a wide array of rugs with different designs, patterns, textures, and colors to complement their décor or create a contrast to wow their clients. With us, interior designers get to make huge savings on quality rugs, making their businesses more profitable. This is why they love us so much.


Getting our quality rugs for your home, school, hotel, office, or place of worship would give you the best value for your money. Our quality rugs, made of the best materials, will give your floors-hardwood or tiled- the best covering from spills and abrasives that wear them down.

With us around, your floors should never look empty or your room to look incomplete again. Our rugs are durable and provide great value for homes, places of worship, or hotels that want to reduce the impact of cold floors and the physical strain of uncovered floors on kids and the elderly.

It is a fact that high-quality rugs like the ones we offer improve the air quality of rooms or auditoriums by trapping airborne pollutants to make the air around cleaner. They also help absorb excess sound produced from tiled or hardwood floors.

What is more, we have quality rugs that touch so softly and tenderly on your feet that you would even enjoy sleeping on them.


Some of our beautifully designed and patterned rugs qualify as artwork and would bring out the beauty in your house and give it a homely feel. Likewise, they enhance the aesthetic appeal of offices, hotels, or places of worship to create a tranquil and welcoming ambiance.

As the furniture store of choice in Springdale and Fayetteville, we have been in this business for over 30 years. We know our products, and we know how to meet you at the point of your needs. Insourcing our high-quality rugs, we negotiate low prices and minimize overhead costs to return the savings to you because we have your utmost satisfaction at heart. This is why we tell potential customers to buy their quality rugs from the rest or come to us and get them for less. Take a glance through our high-quality rugs and see our amazing prices. You can use the filter to narrow down your search.  Visit us and Get the best for Less! Furnishings4Less.

Check us out on facebook where we post new rugs constantly Facebook.com/Furnishings4Less. Or visit our showroom located at 4310 S Thompson in Springdale AR