What Size Rug to Place under a King-size Bed

 Tufted king size bed with rug under it.


If you already own a king-size bed or plan to get one, it's a good indication that you have great taste regarding bedding comfort. However, having a king-size bed alone in your room is not the best you can do for yourself. You need to complement it with beautiful rugs to add flavor to showcase your unique style and personality.


Rugs are the first to welcome your feet in the morning and last to say goodbye to your feet at night; that's why we suggest that you must select them carefully. Apart from their aesthetic benefits, bedroom rugs absorb excess sound, protect the floor from scratches, and help protect your feet from cold floors. Note that for bedroom rugs, soft, fluffy, and sheepskin styles work best. If you decide to purchase a big rug, go for more neutral designs, so your room design doesn't look overdone. Continue reading to see how to select the best rug for your king-size bed.


What size rug to place under a king-size bed

There is no one size fits all answer when it comes to the right rug size to place under your king-size bed. The correct answer depends on the size of your room and what aesthetic designs appeal to you. King-size beds can take several different shapes and sizes. 


Ideally, a 9×12 foot area rug should do for an average-sized bedroom. However, depending on your room's size, you could also opt for different carpets' lengths for your bedroom. Let's dive into the various dimensions of rugs on the market.


9×12 feet Area rugs

9×12 feet rugs are standard but have their own merits and demerits depending on whether your room is of average size or otherwise. They work best if you want a rug extending from the feet of your bed in a spacious and luxurious bedroom. If you have your king bed placed at the center of your room, you could put a large-sized rug such as this under the entire bed, so it extends on all four sides of your bed, leaving a perimeter of space between the walls of the room and the four sides of the rug. Rugs that are at least 8 feet long and wide are also recommended for such placement styles. If your bed is placed against a wall, it would be best to place the rug horizontally halfway under the king-sized bed in such a way that it extends out from three sides of the bed. 


9×12 feet rugs are wide enough to anchor 1-2 bedside furniture like nightstands and benches and even allow for some walking space. If your room is large enough, leave 3-4 feet of space between the ends of the rug and the room walls. At least eight inches of space between the rugs and the wall, so your rug does not become a wall-to-wall carpet. If your room is long, you can place the rug under the bed vertically, so the 9 feet end coincides with the foot of your bed. 


8 feet ×10 feet Rugs

These rugs are slightly smaller than their 9×12 feet counterparts and show less of their sides when placed under a king-size bed. They are suitable for smaller bedrooms. They can be placed vertically under the bed for long rooms, and it works well for wide spaces when placed horizontally to the king-size.


10×14 feet rugs

These rugs are large and are usually placed at the center of huge bedrooms, fully encumbered by a king-size bed while leaving a 24-inch gap between your nightstand and the top half of the rug. If possible, leave some 18 inches between your room walls and the ends of the carpet.


12×18 feet rugs

These rugs are only reserved for luxurious oversized bedrooms. All furniture sits on such mats, and 2-3 feet of space should be left between the room's walls and the carpet, so the room does not look like it has been wall-to-wall carpeted.


6×9 feet rugs

These rugs can be placed in various ways. You can place a portion of the carpet horizontally under the base of your bed or slant its width under one corner of the base of your bed. Suppose your bed is centered in the middle of your room; in that case, you can place the rug under the bottom of your bed, placing it centrally and leaving about 10-24 inches of the extending on the floor to create a beautiful symmetric and holistic effect.


5×8 feet rugs

These rugs are small and unconventional for king-sized beds, but some people tend to love it. It works well in a room when you align the rug's 8 feet side with the footboard. Some people go further to design a sitting area on top of the rug using floor cushions or ottomans. Rugs of this size are used deliberately for aesthetic purposes by placing the rug at the base or an angle to one corner of the bed. They can be used to create both conventional and unconventional designs for your bedroom. You can choose to layer contrasting colors around 5×8 or 6×9 foot rugs on top of each other under the bed's footboard.


Round rugs

Depending on your artistic taste, you could also go for a round rug or runner. Round rugs complement various design ideas when placed under a king-size bed. Runners can also be placed under a king-size bed. Runners typically run from a few feet long to 16 feet. 


A four-foot-round rug can be placed at the foot of a bed with two armchairs placed on two opposite ends of the mat for a balanced outlook or paired with an accent chair. 


The six-foot-round rug can be placed with half of it under the bed and the extension accented with cushions or an ottoman. This rug can also be centered at the bed's base for long rooms with 1-2 feet of the rug underneath the bed.   


Eight feet round rugs are a perfect fit for oversized rooms because they have a diameter more significant than the width of a king-size bed. The rug must be centered at the bed's base for long rooms, with about 2 feet of the rug going under the bed and two ends of the rug accented with flow cushions. In more expansive spaces, they are usually placed under one leg of the bed and a quarter of it under the bed with the sides accented with cushions, chairs, or both.


Twelve feet round rugs are for luxurious rooms. You can center it under more than half of the bed. You can also place it at the side of the bed with one end 2-3 feet under the bed and the other end encumbered with cushions.   


To reiterate, consider the size of your room when choosing an appropriate rug size. Selecting a too-small rug for your room makes it look disproportionate, while one that is too large makes it look clustered. Read on to see how these different rug sizes can be used to create a beautiful bedroom when used to complement your king-size bed.


How do you place a rug under a bed?

How you place a rug under your king bed is mostly dependent on the design style you prefer. Even for a particular type and size of a rug, there are different ways of placing them to fit different room sizes and designs. We will look at general rules, general placement styles, and then move to specific conventional and unconventional rug sizes and types. Design ideas will also be added, so you choose from those that resonate with you.


Horizontal Placement

One of the primary ways to place a rug under your bed is to put it horizontally. Here, half of your bed will encumber one end of the length of the rug, and it will extend about 1 foot on either side of the bed and its footboard. Try to keep the rug away from your sideboard to allow for easy opening of drawers.


Vertical placement

Large rugs can be placed vertically under the bed. This type of placement allows for more of the carpet to extend out of the bed's landing pad. The extension can accommodate bedside tables, benches, and other furniture and enough space to serve as a playing area for children.


Side Placement

If your bed is against a wall on one of its sides, you can place a rug on the other side of the bed. If both sides are free, when a bed is centered in a room, you can put two rugs on either side - regular rug shapes work well here. You can also go for irregular shapes with lovely fluffy sheepskin.


Placement of runners

Typically, runners are placed to reach halfway to another rug set at the foot of a bed. Two runners are placed at each side of the bed to achieve this layout. A runner of an appropriate length can also be placed at an angle beside one leg of the bed. 


For a medium-sized room, an 8 feet long runner can be placed horizontally at the base of a bed, leaving a 12-inch space between the runner top and the footboard. Also, an 8-9 feet long rug can be placed horizontally under a bed with a few inches projecting near the bed. Finally, you can opt for three runners being placed at oblique angles at the foot of the bed for a very stylish layout. This approach is called the layering of rugs.


How far under the king bed should a rug go?

Let's now discuss how far the different types and sizes of rugs should go under the king-size bed.


Position of Bed

When your bed is near a wall, the rug should extend 12 inches or more on both sides of the bed's foot.


If the bed is centralized in the room, you may use a large-sized rug that extends beneath all four sides of the bed. Rugs must not extend beyond 8 inches in front of a bedside table or around the headboard to allow your drawers to open easily.



9×12 feet Area rugs

For large rooms with adequate space with the headboard bed placed close to a wall, the rug can be placed 3-3.5 feet of the rug under the bed. In such an instance, you should leave a minimum of 8 inches ahead of your nightstand. Alternatively, the rug can extend completely beneath your bed and under the footboard but should not go all the way to touch the wall.




8 feet ×10 feet Rugs

They are placed under the bed with 18 inches of space between the top of the rug and the nightstand. Usually, 2-3 feet of the top half of the carpet goes under the foot of the bed. You can furnish the remaining portion of the rug with an ottoman, chaise, or any furniture of your choice. 


6×9 feet rugs

These rugs are best used by placing the top 2 feet of the rug underneath the footboard of your bed.


4×6 feet rugs

These rugs support an unconventional design. They are small, and they leave most of the room bare. You shouldn't put these rugs under the bed, but it can be placed 2-3 feet away from the bed's base to allow for flow space around the edges.


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